Worcester Art Museum

Considered a “classic American museum,” the Worcester Art Museum was founded in 1896 by Stephen Salisbury III and 50 prominent citizens of Worcester and opened to the public in 1898. Since less than 5 percent of its permanent collection is on display, the Museum organizes temporary exhibitions in three major areas: Contemporary, Asian and Prints, Drawings and Photographs (PDP). The Worcester Art Museum is home to one of the country's first museum/public school collaborations, established in 1927. This long-term commitment to schoolchildren in the central Massachusetts region continues today with thousands of school children visiting the museum for a tour and/or a gallery/studio/workshop as part of their schooling. In addition to these collaborations with the schools, the museum welcomes thousands of adults and families for informal and formal learning experiences in a wide range of educational and experiential programs.

Headquarter Address

55 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609