Wilkinson Center

We help clients address barriers to self-sufficiency such as food insecurity, lack of education, unemployment, or underemployment. Wilkinson Center serves County. Service locations include our Food Pantry, Family Education Center, Uptown office, Eastfield College/Pleasant Grove, and on-site locations at public libraries and partner agencies. Case Managers help clients identify barriers to success, determine individual goals, and define support needed to help achieve objectives. Case Managers refer clients to Wilkinson Center programs or other sources of assistance. Wilkinson Center programs include: Adult Education: ESL; GED; Computer Literacy; Family Literacy. Employment Access: Skills training; resume help; referrals to employment resources. Financial Education: Financial Literacy classes ; One-on-One Financial Coaching. Food and Emergency Assistance: Food support; benefit screening; rent and utility assistance.

Headquarter Address

3402 North Buckner Boulevard
Suite 302
Dallas, TX 75228