Washington Performing Arts Society

Washington Performing Arts Society (WPAS) is one of the nation's leading nonprofit, multidisciplinary, performing arts presenting organizations. It's three-part mission is "to provide the Washington community with performing arts presentations of the highest quality and of varied content and tradition; support and nurture performing artists and their art forms, and provide lifelong learning opportunities through arts education, youth involvement, and community partnerships." For more than 40 years Washington Performing Arts Society (WPAS) has created profound opportunities by connecting the community to artists, in both education and performance. Through live events in venues that criss-cross the landscape of the D.C. metropolitan area, WPAS invites all to share lifelong opportunities to deepen their cultural knowledge, enrich their lives, and expand their understanding of the world through the universal language of the performing arts.

Headquarter Address

1400 K Street NW
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005