Virginia Beach SPCA

It is the mission of the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VBSPCA) to create a more humane and responsible community by eliminating animal suffering while increasing human compassion. Founded in 1966, the VBSPCA takes in and cares for almost 3,000 homeless domestic animals each year, preparing them for the best possible adoption outcome. Our outreach and humane education programs serve almost 8,300 children each year through our Listening Ears, Compassion Classroom, Vet for a Day, shelter tours, birthday parties, and Critter Camps As the only humane organization to hold a state and federal permit for the rehabilitation and release of wildlife, we take in nearly 1,700 wildlife animals annually and provide triage and referral to rehabilitation as needed. Our Low Cost Medical Clinic provides affordable spay/neuter services as well as routine veterinary care for over 11,000 clients annually.

Headquarter Address

3040 Holland Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23453