Urban Gateways

Urban Gateways engages young people in arts experiences to inspire creativity and impact social change. Our programs are delivered by experienced professional artists and staff who guide program participants through music, dance, theater, multimedia, literary, and visual arts experiences - engaging young people, their teachers, families, and communities with the power of creativity and the arts. Our youth media arts center, Street Level, encourages young people to tell their stories and express themselves through multimedia arts forms, amplifying youth voices which are often underrepresented in the media. In 2018 we launched Teen Arts Pass, which gives anyone ages 13-19 the opportunity to experience performances with our arts partners all around Chicago for only $5. During our 2018-19 program year, Urban Gateways provided arts experiences for over 95,000 program participants across the Chicago area.

Headquarter Address

1637 N Ashland Avenue
Suite 1
Chicago, IL 60622