Trustees for Alaska

Established in 1974, Trustees for Alaska remains the legal backbone of environmental advocacy in Alaska. Our client list includes local and national conservation groups, Native villages, statewide coalitions, fishing groups, and individual Alaskans. Our services are free, and for most of our Alaskan clients, we provide legal counsel they could not otherwise afford. Our lawyers have been in the vanguard of issues large and small which continue to shape Alaska's environmental future-oil and gas development, mining, toxic wastes, air and water pollution, public land use, and protection of marine resources. While our successes have set significant legal precedent in environmental law on state and national levels, the primary need for our work is to ensure a wild, vibrant Alaska where fish, wildlife, and people thrive. With our expertise in federal statutes and regulations and Alaska's unique legal framework, we have set legal precedents and won significant victories.

Headquarter Address

1026 West Fourth Avenue
Suite 201
Anchorage, AK 99501