Trees for Houston

Trees For Houston is committed to the strategic and equitable planting of trees throughout the greater Houston area to improve quality of life for all Houstonians. Trees provide an important aesthetic enhancement to our region, but are also vital to filtering harsh pollutants, providing energy saving shade, and controlling storm water runoff. Founded in 1983, Trees For Houston initially focused its efforts on planting street trees in the heart of Houston. While retaining street tree plantings as a core element of our organizational mission, Trees For Houston has methodically expanded its reach, which now includes a wide variety of planting projects ranging from esplanades and trails to parks and schools. Our strategic partnerships with municipalities and organizations have allowed us to get more trees in the ground to benefit the diverse population of our region. Continually growing, we have now planted more than half a million trees throughout our region.

Headquarter Address

104 North Greenwood Street
Houston, TX 77011