The Pocket Testament League

Christians struggle to share Jesus. It leaves us feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or even guilty. At The Pocket Testament League, we understand. That's why we created a simple method to sharing Jesus that works for anyone. In fact, we have taught millions of Christians around the world how to share the gospel over a hundred and fifty million times. The Pocket Testament League is aiming to invite 130 million people to meet Jesus by 2028, by energizing more than 225,000 Christians to use a simple repeatable method of sharing the Word of God. We have one strategy. It's relational; helping Christians to reach the lost with the Word of God, using Gospels of John. There are two ways we do that. 1. We reach out to Individuals and equip them, our members, to share the Gospel of John one-on-one. 2. We reach out to Partners and we help these leaders to use their business, ministry, and church networks and equip their members to share the Gospel of John one-on-one.

Headquarter Address

P.O. Box 800
Lititz, PA 17543