The New York Center for Children

Founded in 1995, the New York Center for Children (NYCC) is the only treatment center in New York City to provide free, comprehensive therapy services to child victims of physical and sexual abuse and their families, for as long as their healing requires. NYCC never turns a child in need away, never requires proof of insurance and always delivers best-practice personalized therapies to kids and families who suffer in silence. Having served over 15,000 children and their families, NYCC delivers groundbreaking training programs on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of child abuse. Over 20,000 medical students, mental health professionals, child care workers, doctors, nurses and first responders worldwide have attended the training programs. The NYCC method to healing is unmatched, replicable, scalable and serves as a model for centers and their communities nationwide.

Headquarter Address

333 East 70th Street
New York, NY 10021