The NEA Foundation

The NEA Foundation, through the unique strength of its partnership with educators, advances student achievement by investing in public education that will prepare each of America's children to learn and thrive in a rapidly changing world. The NEA Foundation is a public charity founded by educators for educators to improve public education for all students. Since our beginning in 1969, the Foundation has served as a laboratory of learning, offering funding and other resources to public school educators, their schools, and districts to solve complex teaching and learning challenges. We believe that when educators unleash their own power, ideas, and voices, communities, schools, and students all benefit. Since 2012, we have awarded more than $2.4 million in grants, reaching more than 35,000 educators and 512,000 students in 49 states. We also awarded two $300,000, multi-year grants to increase student engagement and motivation around STEM in under-served communities.

Headquarter Address

1201 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036