The Marshall Legacy Institute

The Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI) is a Virginia-based non-profit organization committed to helping war-torn countries help themselves. Our current focus is eliminating the humanitarian dangers & the destabilizing effects of landmines. MLI assists war-torn countries in building humanitarian, sustainable & affordable programs to eradicate landmines & alleviate the suffering caused by these instruments of war. To date, MLI has assisted 13 severely mine-contaminated countries by donating more than 200 privately sponsored lifesaving dogs to sniff out mines. Programs also include robust Survivors' Assistance projects that provide medical assistance & vocational training to victims of landmines, as well as Mine Risk Education classes that are given to tens of thousands living in mine-affected countries. Through education & cultural exchange programs, MLI engages thousands of American and international youth in the landmine problem, encouraging them to get involved and help others.

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(4/4)|92.25 Score


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