The Marshall Legacy Institute

The Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI) is a Virginia-based non-profit organization committed to helping war-torn countries help themselves. Our current focus is eliminating the humanitarian dangers & the destabilizing effects of landmines. MLI assists war-torn countries in building humanitarian, sustainable & affordable programs to eradicate landmines & alleviate the suffering caused by these instruments of war. To date, MLI has assisted 13 severely mine-contaminated countries by donating more than 200 privately sponsored lifesaving dogs to sniff out mines. Programs also include robust Survivors' Assistance projects that provide medical assistance & vocational training to victims of landmines, as well as Mine Risk Education classes that are given to tens of thousands living in mine-affected countries. Through education & cultural exchange programs, MLI engages thousands of American and international youth in the landmine problem, encouraging them to get involved and help others.

Headquarter Address

2425 Wilson Boulevard
Suite 240
Arlington, VA 22201