The Luke Commission Inc

Operating in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) since 2005 under the direction of Dr. Harry and Echo (PAC) VanderWal, The Luke Commission (TLC) takes free health care and hope to the most isolated and underserved populations, in partnership with the Swazi people and the Ministry of Health. Mobile hospital outreach sites are set up in outermost parts of this small country, whose population is fighting for its very existence. HIV/AIDS has taken the lives of countless Swazis and left one-fifth of the children as orphans. Delaying orphanhood. That became one of the main aims of The Luke Commission. TLC has grown from a staff of 8 delivering 4 medical services through mobile medical outreaches serving 7,000 patients a year, to a staff of 500 (98% Swazi) delivering 42 medical services to 120,000 patients a year. TLC's motto is Every Last One, TLC doesn't leave a mobile outreach until every patient is treated. Today TLC is a critical care provider in the fight against COVID 19 in Eswatini.

Headquarter Address

210 Meadow Lane
P.O. Box 1335
Sagle, ID 83860