The Institute for Human Services

The Institute for Human Services (IHS), founded in 1978, provides respite for those who are unsheltered and solutions that transform the lives of homeless and at-risk people. IHS remains the only 24-hour walk-in, emergency shelter on Oahu and continues to provide a full range of services to men, women and families with children who are homeless and in danger of becoming homeless. In FY2008, IHS provided services to over 2,800 individuals in our community. Our two emergency shelters, one for single women and families with children, and the other for single men provided 113,230 bed nights to a total of 1,538 unique individuals and served 255,703 meals to shelter guests and other individuals in need. Our Housing Placement Program served 761 unduplicated persons in 172 families.

Headquarter Address

546 Ka'aahi Street
Honolulu, HI 96817