The Florida Bar Foundation

The Florida Bar Foundation was established in 1956 by Florida lawyers and the Supreme Court of Florida to provide greater access to justice. The Foundation accomplishes its mission primarily through funding of programs that expand and improve representation and advocacy on behalf of low-income persons in civil legal matters; improve the fair and effective administration of justice; and promote service to the public by members of the legal profession by making public service an integral component of the law school experience. Through strategic grantmaking, the Foundation funds local and statewide civil legal aid organizations and projects to improve the administration of justice and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the legal aid delivery system. The Foundation engages in catalytic philanthropy by investing in training, technology, technical assistance, assessment and capacity-building for legal aid and works to develop and expand innovative pro bono initiatives.

Headquarter Address

875 Concourse Parkway South
Suite 195
Maitland, FL 32751