Sustainable Harvest International

VISION: PEOPLE AND THE ENVIRONMENT THRIVING IN A HEALTHY BALANCE. MISSION: WORKING TOGETHER TO CREATE A JUST AND SUSTAINABLE WORLD THROUGH TRANSFORMATIVE FARMER TRAINING THAT NOURISHES COMMUNITIES AND THE EARTH. Why? More than half of the world's tropical forests are already gone and we are losing the other half at the rate of one acre every second. As a result, more than half the species of plants and animals in the world are disappearing, along with carbon stores, which stabilize the climate. It is estimated that 30-40% of deforestation is the result of small-scale farmers. Every day, subsistence farmers are unable to provide their families with the modest food and income they need to survive. Lacking access to formal education and unaware of any other way, farmers continue to rely on slash-and-burn agriculture. 3.1 billion people in the developing world live in poverty, and 70% of those going hungry live in rural areas where land is available for farming.

Headquarter Address

177 Huntington Ave Ste 1703 #23701
Boston, MA 02115