Sudan Relief Fund

Sudan Relief Fund was established for the purpose of bringing food, clothing, shelter, medical attention and hope to the people of Sudan. At the height of the war we dug bore wells wherever and whenever we were able. Today, we're digging more wells and creating healthful, more permanent sources of life-giving water for the people. We have built a full-scale, 80-bed hospital; we're supplying life-saving medicines, vaccines and much-needed basics like first-aid ointments, bandages and soap; we're moving beyond our first makeshift schools to the development of the first full-fledged educational system ever in the diocese; and we're building centers of education and religious formation. Additionally, we're building basic housing for catechists and teachers, so that they will have clean and safe places to live while doing God's work in the diocese.

Headquarter Address

3220 North Street NW
Suite 302
Washington, DC 20007