St. Francis House

Founded in 1984, St. Francis House is New England's largest day shelter for the poor and homeless. We are nonprofit and nonsectarian, providing basic and rehabilitative services designed to help homeless adults establish lives independent of shelters and institutions. Our goal is to provide our guests with everything they need to reclaim their dignity and rebuild their lives: nutritious meals, clothing, access to medical care, counseling, vocational rehabilitation, and housing. Vocational rehabilitation, in particular, is a strategic institutional goal, focused on helping our guests re-enter the workforce and positively engage with the world, strengthening themselves, their families, and the social and economic fabric of our communities. St. Francis House provides 800 meals per day and is the only place in Boston where adults can receive a free breakfast and lunch every day of the year, no questions asked.

Headquarter Address

39 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116