Springfield Rescue Mission

Established in 1892, the goal of the Springfield Rescue Mission is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the hungry, homeless, addicted and poor by introducing them to Christ and helping them apply the Word of God to every area of their lives. The Emergency Shelter on Taylor Street meets the immediate and basic needs of homeless men. Each guest is encouraged to enter a local or regional rehabilitation program to deal with the issues that led them to homelessness. The Transitional Living Program meets basic life needs while allowing the guest to work on the next phase of rehabilitation; such as finding gainful employment, budgeting their money, obtaining an apartment, returning to family, or returning to college as well as taking actions necessary to become a productive citizen.

Charity Navigator Ratings

Overall Rating

(3/4)|83.35 Score


(3/4)|81.08 Score

Accountability & Transparency

(3/4)|86 Score



Headquarter Address

10 Mill Street
P.O. Box 9045
Springfield, MA 01102