Shepherd's Table

Since 1983, Shepherd's Table has been a necessary and effective resource welcoming and serving those in need in Silver Spring. Our mission is to provide help to people who are homeless or in need by providing basic services, including meals, social services, information and referrals, medical support, clothing, and other assistance in an effective and compassionate manner. Shepherd's Table offers a wide range of services. We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week, and brunch and dinner on the weekends, a Clothes Closet, which allows individuals to select from among our donated clothing items each week, to our Resource Center, which is open every day to help homeless people collect mail, make phone calls, or receive assistance with social services, and our Eye Clinic, where individuals can get free exams and prescription glasses. Shepherd's Table serves the community's most vulnerable populations with compassion and dignity.

Headquarter Address

8106 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910