Settlement Music School

Settlement is dedicated to its mission of providing children and adults with the highest quality individual and group instruction and activity in music, dance and the related arts. Founded in 1908 as a Settlement House, volunteer teachers offered piano lessons for a nickel. A full program of instruction soon took shape, and Settlement is now one of the largest community schools of the arts in the United States, with five physical locations in Philadelphia and its suburbs and our "virtual branch," Settlement Music Online, which has students in 12 states (and growing), ensuring that arts education is available to all, regardless of location. Through branches and partnerships, we deliver 10,000+ weekly services including individual lessons, ensembles, classes, Pre-K, school programs, and creative arts therapy.?Settlement works to provide every student, age six months to 99 years, with a creative home. Annually, we award $2.5 million in financial aid to 60% of our students.

Headquarter Address

P.O. Box 63966
Philadelphia, PA 19147