Self Enhancement Inc.

For 35 years, Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI) has become one of Portland's most successful and long-running youth development programs, helping transform and create new opportunities for over 10,000 young people of color in this community. We do this by providing our kids with superior programs in academics, athletics, cultural exploration and community service. Our result: a high-quality population of positive, motivated individuals who are prepared for their next step into employment or higher education. Statistics say without help, most at-risk urban kids aren't going to make it. More than half of African American students drop out of high school. SEI defies the statistics and reverses the trends. We see the productive community members these students will become, and we help them make it a reality. These kids don't merely succeed. They give back to their communities, start businesses, influence others & provide opportunities for new generations of at-risk youth.

Headquarter Address

3920 North Kerby Avenue
Portland, OR 97227