Save The Bay - Narragansett Bay

Founded in 1970, Save The Bay's history is one of accomplishment for the Bay. Once choked by raw sewage and dying a slow death from industrial toxins, the Bay is making a comeback, but there is still room for improvement, and our continued efforts ensure that more people than ever are able to swim, fish, sail and enjoy the waters of Narragansett Bay. However, there are three inexorable forces that our putting our progress at risk - Population pressures, climate change, and constrained government. As an organization we will: ~Advocate for waters that are swimmable, fishable, healthy and accessible. ~Expand and enrich our Bay education and outreach to people of all ages. ~Develop and implement strategic communications campaigns in support of Save The Bay's programmatic and organizational goals. ~Put in place the human resources and physical infrastructure necessary to fulfill our mission. ~Create a multi-sourced financial model for present and future

Headquarter Address

100 Save The Bay Drive
Providence, RI 02905