Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia

The Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia (RMMG) is a faith-based, long-term, life recovery program for people dealing with all types of addictions, domestic violence, sexual abuse, hunger, homelessness & other life hurts. For over 68 years, we have provided a path of hope, redemption & empowerment through Jesus Christ to break the cycle of violence, poverty & abuse in families. The goal of the RMMG is to walk with those in need of physical, mental & spiritual healing, providing them with the love, tools & accountability necessary to transition into a healthy & stable life so they can go on to have a positive, productive impact on their families and communities. The recovery program is designed to enable residents to first identify the root cause and underlying factors of what they are experiencing, and then to gain the healing and tools to change their negative, self-destructive choices and behaviors.

Headquarter Address

6601 Zebulon Road
Macon, GA 31220