Rare is the leading behavior change organization in conservation. We specialize in identifying proven locally-led solutions and work with partners and communities worldwide to bring these solutions to a regional and national scale. For over 45 years, through more than 450 behavior change campaigns across 60 countries, Rare has empowered over 10 million individuals to shift from resource users to environmental stewards. Our mission-Rare inspires change so people and nature thrive-is about motivating behavior change. Rare uses insights from behavioral science and design thinking to encourage individuals and their communities to adopt behaviors that benefit people and nature-and ensure that change lasts. Our programs are based on the cumulative power of individual action and the exponential power of those actions to inspire others. Rare trains local leaders to lead change, leaving a legacy of increased capacity and a sense of ownership, responsibility, and pride in conservation.

Headquarter Address

1310 North Courthouse Road
Suite 110
Arlington, VA 22201