Parkinson Research Foundation

The MISSION of the PARKINSON RESEARCH FOUNDATION is to help find a cure for Parkinson's disease through funding research, while providing education and services that improve the quality of life TODAY for Parkinson patients and their caregivers. PRF - Funds research - Publishes scientific findings - Advocates for the rights of people with Parkinson's - Promotes Parkinson awareness by means of local and national outreach - Funds educational conferences - Provides Funding for Parkinson Place a 9000 sq. ft. Multidisciplinary Care Center in Sarasota, Florida which offers over 80 free programs per month on site as well as ongoing video podcasts for the homebound. Parkinson Place also houses two neurology clinics, a psychology clinic, a speech and swallowing clinic, a physical therapy department, licensed geriatric care managers as well as a comprehensive resource and referral service.

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(1/4)|67.71 Score


(1/4)|60 Score

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(2/4)|78 Score



Headquarter Address

5969 Cattleridge Boulevard
Suite 100
Sarasota, FL 34232