Pacific Buddhist Academy

At PBA, students and teachers practice six Paramitas, or Spiritual Perfections, which in Mahayana Buddhism are traditional practices of persons who seek enlightenment in order to end the suffering of others: Dana, or generosity, selfless service to others; Shila, or virtue, moral conduct; Kshanti, or patience, perseverance; Virya, or effort, endeavor, strength; Dhyana, or contemplation; and Prajna, or wisdom. Our practice of these Paramitas is an expression of gratitude for the help and guidance we constantly receive from a compassionate universe. At PBA, the cultivation of peace in individuals, the community and the world is based on the practice of these six Buddhist precepts. We hope to prepare students for college through academic excellence; to enrich their lives with Buddhist values; and to develop their courage to nurture peace.

Headquarter Address

1754 Lusitana Street
Honolulu, HI 96813