Orangutan Foundation International

Established in 1986 by Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas, OFI supports the conservation, protection, and understanding of orangutans and their rainforest habitat in Borneo, while caring for and rehabilitating ex-captive orangutans for release back into the wild. Our work includes: orangutan rescue, rehabilitation, and repatriation; habitat protection, acquisition, and restoration; and conservation outreach, education, and scientific research. We have protected 1.5 million acres of rainforest habitat, and saved hundreds of captive and orphaned orangutans from death or a dire life in captivity-giving them a second in the wild. OFI works in cooperation with the Indonesian government and communities in Borneo to expand national parks, establish reserves, buy and safeguard land, and replant degraded forest areas to create permanently-protected orangutan habitat. We raise awareness about the plight of orangutans and other wildlife species through local and global outreach and education programs.

Headquarter Address

824 South Wellesley Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049