New England Kurn Hattin Homes

New England Kurn Hattin Homes was founded in 1894 by Reverend Charles Albert Dickinson, who believed that young children in need or orphans could be cared for in a nurturing rural setting rather than the urban childcare institution which existed at the time. Today our mission and commitment to provide services to children and families are as strong as they were when the initial seeds were planted. Kurn Hattin Homes is a charitable home and school dedicated to helping children grow up to become happy, productive members of society. Our program is uniquely qualified to address the complex issues of family values and children in need and at risk. Some 105 boys and girls, ages five to fifteen, and staff members form the Kurn Hattin Homes community. Mission Statement: Kurn Hattin Homes transforms the lives of children and their families forever.

Headquarter Address

708 Kurn Hattin Road
Westminster, VT 05158