NBCC Foundation

The NBCC foundation was founded in 2005. To improve the mental health of the underserved and never-served throughout the world, the NBCC Foundation leverages the power of counseling by strategically focusing resources for positive change. Its primary objectives are to increase the number of counselors and Mental Health Facilitators working with high-priority populations and to engage them in becoming innovators of counseling practices that benefit the underserved. Scholarships, fellowships, and capacity-building grants, are our primary tools for accomplishing these objectives. The Foundation's strategy is to award scholarships to individuals pursuing careers as professional counselors who are affiliated with high-priority populations and commit to serving them after graduation. Capacity-building grants fund Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) training, developed in consultation with the World Health Organization, in communities where access to mental health care is extremely limited. Scholars, Fellows and MHFs all participate in innovation training to expand effective practice in their communities.

Headquarter Address

3 Terrace Way
Greensboro, NC 27403