National Association of Charter School Authorizers

The National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) works to increase and improve quality educational opportunities for children by strengthening charter school authorizing. Our vision is that all children will have access to public schools that prepare them for success in life. We focus on authorizers, the legal entities doing the work of authorizing. They decide who can start a new charter school, set expectations and oversee school performance, and decide which schools should continue to serve students or not. Depending on state law, authorizers can be school districts, education agencies, independent boards, universities, mayors and municipalities, and not-for-profits. Over 1,000 authorizers in 44 states (43 plus the District of Columbia) with charter laws are on the forefront of creating the next generation of public schools, helping translate charter school ideas into solid realities for millions of children. The schools they oversee are both more nimble and more accountable, built on the premise that it is a privilege to educate America's children. Since its founding, NACSA has grown into an organization with 30 staff and 175 member organizations representing more than 1,200 professionals.

Headquarter Address

1 East Erie Street
Suite 525 #380
Chicago, IL 60611