Museum of African American History

The Museum of African American History is the region's largest organization dedicated to African American heritage and culture, as a fundamental part of United States history. The mission of the Museum is to inspire all generations to embrace and interpret the authentic stories of New Englanders of African descent, and those who found common cause with them, in their quest for freedom and justice. Through our historic buildings, collections, and programs, the Museum expands cultural understanding and promotes dignity and respect for all. The Museum centers on two uniquely important sites: in Boston, we steward the African Meeting House (1806) and the Abiel Smith School (1835), and on Nantucket, the African Meeting House (c.1820) and the Seneca Boston-Florence Higginbotham House (c.1774). These buildings are much more than buildings. They represent countless under-told stories and anchor two Black Heritage Trails, plus the Museum's exhibits and interactive education programs for youth.

Headquarter Address

31 Milk Street
Suite 705
Boston, MA 02109