Mission Waco Mission World

Mission Waco/Mission World is an interdenominational Christian urban ministry committed to empowering the poor and the local church, both locally and globally. Through a variety of relationship-based and holistic programs, which empower the poor, mobilize churches, and address the social injustices which affect the marginalized, this ministry is impacting thousands of people in Waco and the world (Haiti, Mexico and India). MW/MW offers 15 program for low-income children, youth, homeless, unemployed, addicted, illiterate and uninsured sick, as well as drilling water wells, micro-credit loan, school sponsorships and a clinic in Haiti. The organization offers arts through its community theater and Urban Expressions program. As well, a weekend Poverty Simulation trains hundreds of middle-class folks to understand poverty.

Headquarter Address

1315 North Fifteenth Street
Waco, TX 76707