Mentors International

Our mission is to lift generations in developing countries by leading individuals and families from poverty to sustainable self-reliance through personalized mentoring, learning of vocational skills, and financial developing countries wanting to break their cycle of poverty. Using our Mentoring Multiplier, Service Currency, and our No Dollar Dies principles we create lasting change through our mentoring, business training, job-focused vocational courses, and micro-loans. Every dollar that's donated creates approximately 3.5 X the economic impact for a mentored family. Serving in 10 countries and impacting over 30,000 families each year. During our 2020 Fiscal Year, the average increase of income for a mentored individual was 159%. 14,801 new jobs were created. 90% of micro-loan recipients are women and $132 was the average size of a new loan.

Headquarter Address

65 East Wadsworth Park Drive
Suite 207
Draper, UT 84020