KickStart International

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, KickStart's mission is to distribute irrigation tools at scale across sub-Saharan Africa, providing smallholder farmers and their families a sustainable path out of poverty through year-round harvests, climate resilience, increased income, and food security. With irrigation, farmers no longer depend on seasonal rains to grow food, enabling households to consume and sell their harvests throughout the dry season and in times of drought. KickStart's operations span 16 African countries, where we work with over 300 partner organizations to promote sustainable economic growth and employment creation through irrigation and provide small-scale farmers the necessary tools to tackle climate change and food insecurity. To date, KickStart has enabled over 1.4 million people to climb out of poverty; created 270,000 profitable farming businesses; and feeds over 14 million people with nutritious fruits and vegetables annually.

Headquarter Address

459 Fulton St
Suite 207
San Francisco, CA 94102