Jewish Federation of Greater Naples

The Federation is your center for Jewish Philanthropy. The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples is the thread that runs through the fabric of our Jewish community, its organizations and services, connecting us all. Founded in 1981, The Jewish Federation of Greater Naples supports programs for Jewish people in need in the greater Naples, Florida area, Israel and throughout the world, providing food for the hungry and counseling for the troubled, spearheading rescue and relief efforts for isolated Jews in distressed regions, and funding innovative Jewish educational and unity initiatives. The Federation creates a sense of community for thousands of Jewish residents in Greater Naples and its surrounding areas by creating and supporting programs to further Jewish learning, identity, pride and culture. Federation meets the challenge of providing for the needs of our Jewish brethren, wherever they may be, from young children and families to seniors.

Headquarter Address

2500 Vanderbilt Beach Road
Suite 2201
Naples, FL 34109