Institute of Southern Jewish Life

The Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL) is dedicated to providing educational and rabbinic services to Southern Jewish communities, documenting and preserving the rich history of the Southern Jewish experience, and promoting a Jewish cultural presence throughout a thirteen state region. The Institute began as the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience in 1986 and is now a subsidiary of the ISJL. The ISJL's innovative regional programming includes annual Jewish film festivals, concerts highlighting cross-cultural music, literary programs, dance and theater performances, and other activities that promote artistic interpretation of the Southern Jewish Experience. Through these dynamic offerings, the Institute enhances Jewish life, celebrates diversity, educates the public, and promotes interfaith, inter-racial, intergenerational dialogue and bridge-building.

Charity Navigator Ratings

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(3/4)|81.1 Score


(2/4)|75.65 Score

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(3/4)|89 Score



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