ImpactIsrael supports the programs and activities of Yemin Orde Wingate Youth Village and Village Way Educational Initiatives in Israel. Yemin Orde is home to more than 430 immigrant, disadvantaged and at-risk children and youth from 20 countries around the world. Located just south of Haifa in the Carmel Mountains, Yemin Orde is both a home and school environment. Programs and activities not only benefit the children of Yemin Orde but also graduates dispersed throughout Israel, and many disenfranchised groups for whom Yemin Orde provides outreach programming. Village Way Educational Initiatives extends the Yemin Orde philosophy and proven methodologies to other educational entities in Israel. Through this program, we are "educating educators" to implement the Village Way in educational communities around Israel. This comprehensive methodology is reenergizing veteran educators and providing younger educators with novel ideas and a consistent methodology.

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