Hour Children

Established in 1992, Hour Children is a non-sectarian organization that assists incarcerated women and continues to provide the crucial post-release services that prevent recidivism after their release. Hour Children begins working with women while they are still in prison, bringing their children to visit and offering the mothers advocacy, parenting and domestic violence, support groups and counseling to ease their transition to reunification with their children. Today, Hour Children is a community of eight residences, housing 75 families, with children from infancy to 21 years. More than 700 housing alumnae who have successfully transitioned to independent living return for special events and attend monthly support groups. Through our work both in the prison and in the community, Hour Children has assisted over 7,000 families with reunification and re-entry services.

Headquarter Address

36-11 12th Street
Long Island City, NY 11106