Forest Trends

For two decades, Forest Trends has pioneered the idea that creating economic value in our forests and natural ecosystems is one of the most powerful incentives for sustaining them. Our mission is to work with communities, governments, and businesses to more fully embed conservation into economic activity and prevent the destruction that comes from badly planned, unsustainable resource allocation and development. Our approach is built on three key pillars. 1) Incubation and demonstration: We specialize in cutting-edge business models, tools, and strategies for conservation. 2) Coalition-building: We convene diverse partners and communities of practice that have shaped conservation policy and finance around the world. 3) Knowledge creation: Transparent information is key to creating environmental markets and shifting to a green global economy. We specialize in providing data and analysis that guides decision-makers on sustainable policy, procurement, and investment.

Headquarter Address

1203 19th Street, NW
4th floor
Washington, DC 20036