FoodLink for Tulare County

Our mission is to promote equitable and dignified access to nutritious, healthy food while also addressing the root causes of hunger through education, advocacy, and food systems change. What this means is that we are working to transform communities and individuals through food. This transformation requires that we improve nutrition, empower our community members to learn about the food environment, and work with us to address the underlying causes of hunger, malnourishment, and disease. As a result, FoodLink for Tulare County is bringing together families to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food for all while also working with a broader food movement to empower our communities to create a healthier food environment. As such, we must work outside of the "food box" and be a nutrition resource center, trainers of community health and nutrition advocates, facilitators of community food systems .

Headquarter Address

611 2nd Street
Exeter, CA 93221