Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline has been working to end hunger in Western Washington for more than 40 years and is the largest hunger-relief organization in Washington State. By using 96% of our revenue to feed people facing hunger, we are efficient, effective, and make the most of every donation. Food Lifeline provides nutritious food to hundreds of thousands of people facing hunger every year by sourcing nutritious food from a variety of food industry partners. Last year, Food Lifeline distributed more than 58 million pounds of food to our network of more than 300 local food banks, meal programs, and shelters. Food Lifeline partners with large-scale food producers, retailers, and distributors to ensure that unmarketable but still edible and nutritious food ends up in the hands of people facing hunger rather than going to waste.

Headquarter Address

815 S 96th Street
Seattle, WA 98108