Flying Horse Farms

Flying Horse Farms is a medical specialty camp that provides healing, transformative experiences for children with serious illnesses and their families - free of charge. Located in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, camp first opened its gates in 2010 and hosts about 900 children and families each year. The children who attend camp have illnesses including cancer, heart conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, blood disorders, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, and facial differences. We've designed every detail of the camp experience to help our campers leave sickness behind while they're here. Flying Horse Farms is the first camp in the Midwest to become a member of the SeriousFun Children's Network. Founded by actor, philanthropist, and Ohio native, Paul Newman, the Network is a community of independently managed and financed camps and programs creating life-changing opportunities for children with serious illnesses and their families.

Headquarter Address

5260 State Route 95
Mount Gilead, OH 43338