Family Emergency Shelter Coalition

The Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO) is an organization comprised of over 30 churches and community members in the Hayward, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo and San Leandro, California area that reaches out to serve homeless families with food, shelter, clothing, counseling and links to community resources. The 24-bed shelter, Marquis House, is open all day, every day, and houses approximately 100 families with children each year (about 120 adults and over 200 children). The four-unit Transitional Housing project provides low-cost rental housing with supportive services. FESCO offers a full range of basic and support services to help families get off the streets, off welfare, and on their feet. FESCO also operates a multi-unit community living center called Banyan House.

Headquarter Address

21455 Birch Street
Box 5
Hayward, CA 94541