Environmental Investigation Agency

Working in Washington DC since 1989, EIA has identified and implemented solutions to the world's most pressing environmental problems. Our campaigns to protect endangered wildlife, forests, and the global climate operate at the intersection between increasing global demand and the accelerating loss of natural resources and species. EIA is a different kind of environmental organization with a unique combination of methods: undercover investigations of criminal activity, a wide variety of scientific, economic and social primary evidence, and campaigning expertise. EIA takes advantage of its independence and mobility to produce game-changing primary evidence. From remote villages in Latin America and Africa, to the negotiating platforms of the UNFCCC, CITES, and Montreal Protocol, we seek to connect with and empower civil society, facilitate dialogue amongst industry and global leaders, and promote frameworks that protect natural resources, wildlife, and the people that depend on them.

Headquarter Address

PO Box 53343
Washington, DC 20009