Enlace partners with church and community leaders to build resilient and thriving communities. To realize this mission, Enlace works to: ? Provide training, coaching, and consulting to church leaders to serve effectively their communities. ? Provide training and technical assistance to local church and community leaders and organizations to identify, design, manage and evaluate sustainable solutions to poverty in their communities. ? Provide training on how to evaluate and measure changes in multidimensional poverty in their communities. ? Identify and develop partnerships with local and international organizations, foundations, businesses, and individuals that share a common vision to assist the poor. ? Facilitate forums to exchange information, coordinate activities, and create concerted action among and between church leaders, community members, and other agents of development.

Charity Navigator Ratings

Overall Rating

(2/4)|77.6 Score


(3/4)|81.92 Score

Accountability & Transparency

(2/4)|74 Score



Headquarter Address

5405 Alton Parkway
Suite 5A Number 458
Irvine, CA 92604