Educational Media Foundation

Educational Media Foundation exists to create compelling media that encourages and inspires audiences to have a meaningful relationship with Christ. We began as a single radio station back in 1982 and have grown into the nation's two largest contemporary Christian radio networks, KLOVE and Air1. Broadcast on more than 1,000 signals across all 50 states, EMF is also among the top 10 U.S.-based audio streaming companies. In the last two years we've branched out beyond radio to share the hope and love of Christ through other media formats, including films and publishing (WTA Media), podcasting (AccessMore) and streaming video (KLOVE On Demand). Additionally, we serve our audiences through free Biblical support, responding to 450,000 prayer requests, 200,000 phone connections (prayer/counseling), and 700 crisis calls annually. We are the only media network that employs a 35-person Pastoral Care team, of which 13 members are fulltime pastors who come alongside our audiences to encourage.

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(4/4)|91.42 Score

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