Dallas Symphony Association

The mission of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) is to entertain, inspire and change lives through musical excellence. It strives to be a key catalyst in making Dallas a world-class city and major cultural center with the DSO as a landmark. With roots tracing back to 1900, the DSO offers numerous events highlighting diversity in the city, numbering over 165 each year. As a community partner, the DSO sponsors the following programs: Community Connections, free tickets distributed by social service agencies; Young Strings, providing free instruments and music lessons to students; Symphony YES, providing ensembles that perform in area schools; DSO Kids, educational website for children and teachers; and My DSO, a free concert for adults and children with Autism and developmental disabilities. The DSO is a community of passionate music lovers making more music lovers.

Headquarter Address

2301 Flora Street
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75201