Cross International

Cross International was launched in 2001 to mobilize the Christian Church to help the poor in developing countries. It achieves this through shipments of resources (food, medicines, educational supplies, etc.) and by funding a wide range of Christian outreaches, including digging wells for safe water, constructing homes, staffing Christian schools, supporting medical clinics, and creating self-help initiatives to break the cycle of poverty. After natural disasters, the ministry also assists relief efforts run by Christian church partners around the globe. Since its inception, Cross International has had a major impact on Christian outreaches in more than 50 countries, including the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia and the Philippines. Its priority is to serve the poorest of the poor, so many of its resources and programs focus on the needs of orphans, the disabled and vulnerable children.

Headquarter Address

1280 SW 36th Avenue
Suite 303
Pompano Beach, FL 33069