Colonial Heights Food Pantry

Colonial Heights Food Pantry Inc. is committed to alleviating hunger and developing collaborative strategies to encourage self-reliance and preserve human dignity. The Pantry originated as Community United in 2004. Operating under the umbrella of the church 501(c)3, this humble pantry began working from a standard sized file cabinet with a client base of 4 families and quickly expanded to a 148 square foot trailer. We quickly outgrew the trailer, which forced us to reorganize and relocate. A group of concerned citizens and business people formed the Colonial Heights Food Pantry in March of 2006. Using 1000 square feet of commercial rented space. Now operating as Colonial Heights Food Pantry, Inc. we are in a facility 35 times larger than the trailer we outgrew.

Headquarter Address

530 Southpark Boulevard
Colonial Heights, VA 23834