Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

Since 1971, Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (CVRM) has been an oasis, a place of refuge for the homeless and needy in our valley. Over the years, the mission has continued to meet the ever-growing needs of individuals who have found themselves without the necessities of life for various reasons. A dedicated staff and volunteers serve more than 300,000 hot meals annually and provide shelter and residential programs to thousands of men and women with children (5419 in 2020). CVRM includes food, clothing, and showers for those who do not shelter with us. CVRM has an onsite clinic for primary medical and behavioral needs. We are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, providing emergency shelter without interruption to mothers and children arriving in crisis, especially those survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking. CVRM distributed over 64,000 food boxes to residents.

Headquarter Address

47-470 Van Buren Street
Indio, CA 92201